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The Pitch Deck – A Keynote Template


A Blueprint for Pitching

Cut to the chase and improve your pitch.

  • This template was developed to provide a step by step walk through of what your audience expects to see in a pre-designed layout.
  • Designed for both Keynote 09 and 6.0.1, it was developed based in part on the table from Guy Kawasaki’s book, The Art of the Start. The table summarizes the key information he recommends should be included in an initial pitch deck. You can find it here.
  • Build clear and concise presentations for more profitability, increase sales with greater customer understanding and acceptance with a blueprint for pitching.

Things you should know

  • There are no variations. It is what it is – a professional and minimalist approach to a pitch deck where the focus is on the information.
  • There are no custom fonts because if you were to transfer your Pitch Deck to an iPad, the custom fonts wouldn’t be recognised.
  • There are no builds or transitions. Again, because not all are available on the iPad. I’ve included a list of what is available in the Support file and they are easy to add.
  • The standard size .key file is the one to use for the iPad. Not the widescreen file.
  • Some icons are included but if you need different ones, I recommend you visit where you can create your own royalty free flat icons.
  • Stock images from the Preview screenshots are not included in the file due to copyright restrictions. Placeholders have been used instead, so you can easily add your own images.


  • Master slides
  • Standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) formats
  • Placeholders for text, shapes and images
  • Customised paragraph styles
  • Icons, customised, tables, graphs, charts


  • Two 09 .key files
  • Two 6.0.1 .key files
  • Support file

Good luck with your pitch!

Extend your presentation. Any presentation with The Data Decks.

Each Data Deck contains over 30 slides of editable infographics, charts and icons or banners. Unlimited choices and easy to use. Built for Keynote 6 & 9, simply copy and paste into The Pitch Deck or any other slide deck and customise to suit your presentation. Couldn’t be easier or simpler.

The Data Deck
The Data Deck

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