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10 Greatest Inventions For Lazy People

Top 10 of the best weird and debatably practical items created for some of the laziest people around the world
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As the time progresses, it seems that the world is getting fatter and lazier every day. You can blame it on the crazy work life of people, or the fact that we have been spoiled by so many conveniences in our lives. And with these inventions, the greater our expectations become in purchasing inventions that will make our lives easier, and be able to sit on the couch to get things done. While this may come across as ridiculous or depressing, it is certainly interesting to see the innovations that have come our way thanks to laziness. Here are some of the greatest inventions that have ever been created, all for the sake of making our lives as easy as possible.
One of the most comical, and yet, the most popular lazy invention is the Segway. If you’ve ever been to a tourist destination, or live some place that is scenic, you’ve probably seen the massive group of people wearing helmets and riding these segways to get around. You’ve might have thought to yourself, “Why don’t these people just walk?” Well, that would defeat the purpose of the invention. You can get access to some of the greatest destinations and not have to worry about leaving your car behind. You can move with the simple twist of a handle.
The Clapper has made strides in the last few decades. No longer does it just turn your lights on and off, but you can also connect the Clapper with your television and microwave. As if remote controls weren’t lazy enough, all you have to do is sit and use your hands (if you can afford to even put in that effort), and voila, you can have food and a TV in an instant.
If you enjoy ice cream, but you don’t feel like dealing with the drama of twisting your hand around to lick your dairy dessert, then the motorized ice cream cone is a gift from heaven. Literally, all you have to do is push a button and stick your tongue out. Little to no effort is required to use this brilliant invention. On that same note, there is the twirling spaghetti fork, which will twist your pasta for you so you don’t have to.
Of course, lazy people want to enjoy the companionship of a dog, but given that it is so much work, sometimes being a pet owner doesn’t work out. One of the most grueling tasks for lazy people is the idea of walking their dog and having to pick up poop. But with the PooTrap, you basically strap a bag to your dog’s behind and let them poop in the plastic bag. Call it lazy, or call it genius, lazy people buy this product and love every moment of its use.
Finally, if you don’t like cleaning your floors, you can buy a pair of Dust Mop Slippers and clean your floor while walking. Or, if you have a baby, why not make your child earn its keep by making it wear the Baby Mop Outfit. While your little one crawls around the floor, they’ll be cleaning house.
There are more awesome inventions in the video. If you’re not too lazy, click play and enjoy!

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