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A Mentor Coaches Successful Holiday Franchises

Holiday reservation specialists have began advertising their unique holiday booking franchise model to people looking at franchising as a method of securing their financial future. Its a known fact that many successful businesses are started in an economic downturn. The important part of business start-up is realising what sort of businesses succeed during recessions.

Clearly for any business to succeed there has to be demand and also a willingness by the business person to satisfy that demand to customer expectations. This is even more important in economic downturns, get it right and the business continues to perform, get it wrong and the business will quickly collapse! Being able to quickly modify a service offering and change with the times is something which small businesses and entrepreneurs generally do with ease. This dynamic allows competitive advantage over larger more capital intensive businesses. As long as finances can be controlled and ensure the cash flow of sales to be smooth – the small business is perfectly placed to take advantage of economic downturns.

The only other facet a small business needs to be great during an economic downturn is mentor support. Relationships with other dynamic business people, either via mentoring, co-operative working, or supply chain synergy, are key to ensuring small businesses make the most of the inherent opportunities in this natural part of the economic cycle. Support from fellow business people who really know what they are doing can multiply dramatically the impact of the small business. From sharing experience and insight, to sharing technology and even opening new doors! Mentor type business relationships are worth their weight in gold.

Chris, the entrepreneur who originally set up the vacation rentals site for the Nerja resort quickly realised the value of business mentors. Not only seeking out business suppliers, but actively searching for synergy partners which could help his business in so many more ways than a traditional service supplier. As a result, Chris benefitted from unparalleled performance gains by having specialist mentors advising him in how to take his “self catering style” holiday rentals business forward to achieving a turnover in his second full year of just over £1 Million during the recessionary year of 2009!

Realising the value of synergy mentoring – a unique franchise opportunity was launched where the entrepreneur brings his original mentors along with himself in allowing other motivated self starters to be coached in successful niche market vacation rentals as their own new businesses. “The benefits to the new business are tangible, and the quality of the coaching and business insight to this exciting industry is second to none!” says Chris who has just released a second wave of his unique holiday rental franchises and is now a regular member of the Franchise Exhibitions around the world.

Source by Martin Sansone

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