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Aquarius (The Water Carrier) January 21 to February 19

A zodiacal constellation between Capricorn and Pisces and the eleventh sign of zodiac in astrology.

Aquarians are basically objective, friendly, progressive, humanitarian, futuristic, honest, tolerant, independent, inventive, unpredictable, intellectual and possesses very attractive personality. At some places, they are unemotional and detached too, we can call these habits their worst qualities. The Aquarians have two sorts of personalities, one is shy, gentle, sensitive and patient and other phase is lively and exhibitionist. This star possesses a lot of good qualities but a very few drawbacks in personality. Aquarians are very forceful having strong convictions and their also will power is very strong.

They are very honest in their statements, even if they do some mistake, they admit and accept it.

The very common habits in both types of Aquarians are that they are frank, serious minded, idealistic, active, tempered, sensible, refined, express themselves with reason, clear and logical, self-assertive, friendly, concise and always intelligent.

Both phases of Aquarians like to become temporary loners. They love to be independent and never follow even do not like to be interfered.

Aquarians have interest and a good taste in music, art and drama and gifted in drama and especially arts. They do not make friends easily but love to help humanity.

One of the most uncommon qualities which Aquarians possess is that their judgment of human nature is excellent and this habit helps them in choosing their friends and love. Scarifies everything for their loved ones, their emotions get hurt very easily because due to a good perfection in their personality, they expect everything ideally. Aquarians never shout very easily in their anger or grief but once they leave someone, and then never talk to that person for the lifetime.

In group projects Aquarians work best if given a leading part. They have a unique desire of knowledge as they learn by observing things. They are also very good entertainers as they can talk on any topic and entertain every kind of a person.

Aquarians have a very sensitive nature, so become depressed. They like fighting for a cause, planning and dreaming for the future, having fun, thinking about the past issues but dislike excessive loneliness, imitations and fake promises.

The Aquarians are called water bearer as it is symbolized as nourishing the earth with life giving energies. Here we find innovation, individuality and themes of change.

Favorite color of Aquarians is TURQUOISE

Star stone is AMETHYST


Aquarians are very brainy, brilliant and visionary as they see so far that they leave their present behind. They approach life in a cool and an independent way.

They are not emotional, in fact, ignore their feelings and give priority to get best result by their idea. Try their level best to achieve goals as they have a business approach and socially progressive due to theoretical, strongly imaginative, philosophical, devoted to work and spiritual nature.

Aquarians are multi-talented, self-expressive, invite attention and prove their ideas as they are full of inspiration.

As far as food is concerned, the best food for the Aquarians is light food.

They are independent in their style, they do what they like for themselves, love to look and be different and unique, use all those things which are surprising an unexpected. They are art lovers for their pastime. They like to cook as well.

The best match is Libra and worst is Cancer. They are happy to be alone and emotionally cool but these bad habits sometimes create problems, they feel that emotions tie them down as commitments and as they love to be independent, so mostly avoid the things which bound them.

Excellent problem solver and good entrepreneurs and never lose hope, in fact overcome the negative issues very easily. Fixed in opinion and justify their actions and once they take decision, they wait confidently for its positive results in spite of facing many hurdles. They have a big thirst of knowledge and very observant. Love to see people’s point of view. For Aquarians, life is the study of people.

Aquarians are very sincere natured and very loyal to the one they love, but in romantic relationship, keep a bit distance to be balanced with their independence too. They are liked by the people due to their wise, sincere, clear, perspective, futuristic, tolerant and a unique nature.

Source by Shumaila Farrukh

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