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Bill Britt, a True Visionary, Entrepreneur, Leader and Network Marketing Icon

Bill Britt is known as a true Visionary, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Founding Icon in the field of field of Multi level Network Marketing.

A very true and genuine person by heart.Before joining Amway,Bill Britt was working in a job as a City Manager which me mentioned kept him broke.After he became involved with Amway in the early 70’s, he started to prosper. Over the last 30+ years Bill and Peggy Britt have proven and brought back to life and prosperity the of Multi level Network Marketing industry.

He is now at The Crown Ambassador level in Amway with more than 2 million distributors in multiple countries and is the one man responsible for growing the large Amway organizations including directly assisting WorldWide Dream Builders also known ad WWDB headed by Ron Pureyar and few other large organizations affiliated with Amway.

He has been a living proof and a role model of the vast amount of wealth that can be created through Multi level Network Marketing. I’m not quoting any numbers here but his yearly income could be in the double and triple digit millions a year.He has been an inspiration for 1000’s of IBO’s and myself showing people what they can accomplish.

His company Brittworldwide ( BWW ) is the personal development training division of his large organization spanning the globe.The methods used by BWW system in building the Amway business are those of traditional Multi level Network Marketing like Hotel Meetings, Home Meetings, SAM sessions. Etc are. These are the same BWW’s foundational marketing methods which worked very well in the 70’s to the 90.

I was involved with BWW for almost 7 years from 2001 – 2007 and worked my tail off on the 9-5-3 – BIB formula while spending most of my time, energy and savings on trainings, tools and products before I left for more faster, easier, rejection free and profitable passive income ventures.To be honest it wasn’t working for me and for several other people as well..

Though I could not make a profit even though I followed every step of his system, I have personally benefitted in terms of personal development.

However now having seen the other side of the business world I see why the marketing training model is not working for 97% of the IBO’s.

In this world of advanced communication and internet technology and the failure of BWW to adapt to more modern strategies, has lead to a lot frustrated IBO’s and the Britt organization hasn’t seen a large growth of Diamonds as used to be in the previous years. It has become much harder to sponsor and retain new IBO’s. Most people I know who have been in a long time, over 10 years have still not quit their jobs and they are still hoping that they will in the near future.

In Bill Britt’s BWW system you will find some really good people who get together regularly at meetings, conventions, weekly seminars etc and that’s a big attractor for a new person to join.However the system teaches IBOs to maintain friendships only upline and downline. Mingling with IBO’s who are part of another team was considered taboo.

It’s OK to be ignorant for a year but beyond that if you do not get results its time to explore alternate marketing strategies.Yes, MLM is a proven model but has to be built with the latest technology and online tools that is more suited to a 21st century marketplace.

Source by Preston Rodrigues

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