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How To Start A Skin Care Business – Choosing A Name

The skin care market is a huge industry where the volume of sales are dominated by the large global brands, however there is plenty of room for new smaller entrants in the niches of this industry. There are lots of factors to consider, with choosing a name being one of the major decisions to take.

When looking at names it is important to decide whether it is going to reflect the product, for example, natural or organic. Is the product for the men’s skin care market or women’s and therefore does the name need to be more masculine or feminine. When choosing our name for our mens skin care brand Dryhide, we wanted a name that reflected our niche which is mens dry skin, but also had a masculine feel to it.

The global implications of your brand need to be considered. What may start out as a small niche business could in time turn into a major global skin care brand. Just look at the history of Body Shop or Mens shaving brand King of Shaves as examples. If your name has another meaning that could be offensive or embarrassing in another language, best to be aware at the beginning.

The length of the name is an area that is worth putting plenty of thought into. From a packaging point of view, how will your name look on your tubes, bottles or jars. A long name should not necessarily be dismissed, but do give consideration as to how it will look on your packaging. There are plenty of examples to prove that long names can work, but is fair to say that a shorter name will give you more flexibility when designing labels etc. The length of your name can also have an influence on how memorable or recognisable your brand is. Again we can give examples pushing the virtues of both. As a general rule I would say shorter is better. Just think Google and Virgin as great examples of this.

The last area to consider with regards to the length of your name is the website address. Your marketing plan may or may not include an online shop, but either way it is an area you cannot ignore as all businesses require an online presence. Even if it is not a major concern now, the way business is moving online, requires that this is not an area to be ignored. Again, shorter is better, as it is more recognisable and easier for potential and existing customers to remember. The biggest downside with regards to a website domain name is that the shorter the name, the harder it is to find the availability. With a bit of creativity a satisfactory outcome can normally be found.

Finding a successful name can be a long and frustrating part of starting your business and creating your brand. It is worth writing all ideas down over a period of days or even weeks and bouncing ideas off friends and family who may just trigger another angle. With your list of possible names you then need to check the availability. Ideally you need the name to be available as a Limited Company, website address and to be able to trademark it and not infringe on a competitors toes, as well as all the other points previously mentioned. At times you will think you have cracked it, only to find the website address is not available. Keep persevering though, as it is a very important part of creating your business and brand.

Source by Neil Jagger

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