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StartUp – Website framework for Startups

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Update: We now have a template for the new iPhone 5!

So you’re running a startup? Nice! We all know how much work it is, and having to focus on creating one of those clean, extremly good looking startup websites doesn’t make it much easier. That’s why we created the StartUp template!

Whatever product you’re inventing we got the template for you. iPhone and iPad apps, web apps and desktop apps. And of course, regular, non-digital products.

We also took the time to create all the sections a startup could need, like Team, Jobs, and Press. We thought some coming soon pages and a blog could be useful, so we got that covered as well.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this template and get started already!

Live demo:




  • iPhone 5 template included
  • Built with Bootstrap
  • iPhone and Mac graphics included, all you have to is changing the screens.
  • Image carousel inside the devices.
  • Working contact form.
  • Coming soon pages included.

Included templates:

  • Frongpage – iPhone 4S
  • Frontpage – iPhone 5
  • Frontpage – Mac
  • Frontpage – iPad
  • Coming soon – iPhone 4S
  • Coming soon – iPhone 5
  • Coming soon – Mac
  • Coming soon – iPad
  • Blog
  • Blog – single
  • Working AJAX contact page
  • About page
  • Team page
  • Jobs page


- Fixed all reported bugs

V. 1.2
- Added blog.html
- Added blog-single.html

V. 1.1
- Added iPhone 5
- Added iPad

V. 1.0
- First version


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