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Top 10 Inventions Thought Up By Kids

Welcome to Top10Archive! Children are capable of looking at the world in a fresh new way that no adult could even dream of. Whereas most children’s ideas seem foolish and naive to us adults, there has actually been a time or two that they were on to something. In this installment from top10archive, we are going to look at 10 things invented by younger people.

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10. Frank Epperson – The Popsicle
9. Ralph Samuelson – Water Skiing
8. Chester Greenwood – Earmuffs
7. George Nissen – Trampoline
6. Spencer Whale – KidCare Riding Car
5. Louis Braille – The Braille Alphabet
4. Philo Farnsworth – All Electronic Television
3. Blaise Pascal – Calculator
2. Alissa Chavez – The Hot Seat
1. Jack Andraka – Pancreatic Cancer Nanotubes Test

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