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Wealth Without a College Degree

The crave for paper qualification is causing more harm than good. Since our society has erroneously equated literacy to mere paper qualification or fluency in English language. Everyone regardless of their age, passion, purpose and ability wants to bag a degree from any educational institution. The society now respects paper qualification more than skill and competence. Only university graduates are regarded as literates. Consequently, university graduates pose as kings and queens because they have a paper qualification. They parade themselves as lords of the labour market because they attended the ivory tower. And the uninformed technician feels inferior because he has no degree. They become so intimidated that they abandon their profitable trade for mere paper qualification that will make them join the unemployment queue.

We have also been brainwashed that the best path to achieve success or wealth is to attend a university, get a degree or diploma and get a job. Since a degree and not competence has become the yardstick for offer of employment in these parochial societies, everybody wants to have a certificate. Thus, most people go to college in order to acquire a degree which will be the basis for getting a good job and having a good pay check. Technical and vocational and entrepreneurial education has been relegated and trampled on. The society view vocational skilled laborers as the less privileged that were unable to pay university tuition fees.

Parents are compounding the problem by forcing their wards to embark on professional career in higher institutions even when these kids are uninterested. Most parents want their children to have a good education and a secure future. They think that a good school will help their kids avoid financial challenges. They want their child to make it to the top of the food chain. Most parents dread the thought of their children toiling at menial jobs, being underemployed, earning low wages, paying higher and higher taxes, and battling inflation all their lives. The hope is that their kids will become doctors, lawyers, or CEO’s. No parent wants his child to become a cook, mechanic, shoe maker, tailor, tiller, farmer, hair stylist, etc. We all want our kids to become university graduates even when we have observed that child will succeed more as a technical or vocational trainee or as an entrepreneur. Examination malpractice has skyrocketed because most students in conventional school are not meant to attend such schools.

The problem is that none of those professions help them to be truly financially free. Truthfully, university and other higher institution graduates contribute the highest chunk to the pool of the unemployed. School does not make you successful because it does not teach you financial education. Talent and skill development, Technical and vocational education and entrepreneurship are the main drivers of any economy. A child that has learnt to read and right can achieve anything in life. Such child has the ability to learn anything on his own. Thus, the foundation of education is the primary and secondary school. It is therefore important that every child have access to at least basic education. Not everyone is destined to be a degree holder. If you join the crave for paper qualification whereas you are not destined to attend higher institution you will be doomed for life. Don’t desire to be a university graduate out of frustration from societal pressure. Follow your passion and your heart, never follow the crowd.

A degree can either be a stepping stone or a road block on the path to achievement. Today we have university graduate without proficiency. Their certificate has blocked their access to success. Instead of vigorously pursuing their passion which is their surest path to success, they are busy queuing in the unending line of unemployed job seekers. If education proves to be an obstacle, those with an entrepreneurial spirit will push it aside and go their own chosen route. Education is not acquiring certificate; neither is it by your fluent grammar. It is your ability to create something new and solve societal problems that makes you educated.

Education is the acquisition of skills and knowledge through learning and personal experience and the ability to apply such knowledge to solve societal problems for the betterment of the society. Thus, if you cannot solve or satisfy the needs of the populace you are not educated. Education is not by certificate; it is having proofs. Your proof is not your certificate; neither is it by your fluent grammar. It is your ability to create something new and solve societal problems that makes you educated. Change your life and your society if you are educated. Stop showcasing your good certificate, show us a proof. If your tailor can make you give a cloth design that make you look good, he has solved a problem, hence he is highly educated. When that so- called “illiterate” go under your car and fix it without consulting any book, you smile and pay him. He had just solved a problem and therefore he is informed. The same applies to that interior decorator, house painters, shoemakers, refuse managers, electricians and other technical, vocational and entrepreneur laborers.

Today, in the information age, there are many ways to learn and develop the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur. Homeschooling, technical, vocational and entrepreneur education may be some worthwhile options for many, especially if you have the desire to learn at your own pace, or if you have kids that are ambitious and independent thinkers. In fact, many of the most successful people in history were successful without finishing school.

Source by Anyaehie George Kelechi

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